Artsvit for kids. Creativity unites

Artsvit for kids. Creativity unites

We continue the art program for children from 6 to 13 years old. The new course, "Artsvit for kids. Creativity unites," has a social orientation. This program is one of the activities of the social hub, which has been operating based on the Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture (DCCC) since the beginning of the full-scale war. Events here contribute to strengthening communication between the city's various communities and the integration of displaced people, support Ukrainian artists, and provide a space for research and understanding of Ukrainian culture and identity.

From September 20, classes will be held every Tuesday for children 10-13 years old at 4:30 p.m. Every Saturday from September 24 for children 6-9 years old at 12:00 p.m. For the most influential work within the curriculum, we recommend choosing one of the days according to your child’s age for regular attendance./

The "Artsvit for kids" project aims to introduce the child to the multifaceted and exciting art world and disprove the idea that it is tedious or difficult to understand. We believe that through art, a child gets to know the world better and acquires various skills that will be useful in the adult world and any profession, even a technical one.

During the new program  "Artsvit for kids. Creativity unites," participants will learn more about art history, its directions, techniques, and artists and create group projects on the proposed topics. The classes will take place in the gallery where the exhibitions are held, thanks to which art will become the basis for working in groups and a guide for exploring oneself and the world.

Working in a team is, first of all, interaction with others to achieve a common goal - creating a project. Thanks to this format, children will be able to learn to propose their ideas, listen to each other, find compromise solutions and share responsibility among themselves. The group project will allow everyone to look at the issue with their own eyes and from a different angle, contributing to more profound research. By working on the project as a single organism, children will be able to feel their importance and belonging to society, as well as discover and strengthen their identity.

The form of the project is a model of society, in which everyone's contribution is essential and affects the final result, and the product is an art object.

The purpose of the course is to show the importance of socialization and communication in society through the creation of an art project. We aim to teach teamwork and to give the child the opportunity to feel like an artist, going from the idea to the implementation and presentation of the project.

Authors and teachers of the program: Alevtyna Kovtun and Alona Samofalova.

Pay attention! To participate, you need to register for each class.

The program consists of 15 classes*, divided into three blocks:

1. Painting. Painting "Portrait of a friend":

1) Introduction to the topic "Painting. Painting "Portrait of a Friend"»

2) History of the portrait genre

3) Color psychology

4) Portrait of a friend. The story of the hero

5) Presentation of the works of the first block

Additional lesson for both groups - "My portrait in the fluid art technique."

2. Installation-research "Human and society: mutual influence":

1) Introduction to the topic "Installation-research "Human and society: mutual influence""

2) Figure as a personality

3) Creating an installation

4) Completion of the installation

5) Presentation of works of the second block

3. Performance, shadow theater, photo, and video collage:

1) Introduction to "Performance, shadow theater, photo, and video collage."

2) Discussion of shadows as a symbol

3) Creating a video

4) Presentation of works of the third block

5) Assembly of the exhibition

Based on the program's results, a group exhibition is planned in the Artsvit gallery.

*Duration of the lesson -- 60 minutes: 10-15 minutes – theoretical part and 45 minutes – practical.

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