The exhibition I would like to see
19 травня 2023 - 10 червня 2023

What did the author want to say? What do I see in this image? Two questions with which acquaintance with the exposition begins. Sometimes we try to understand the artist and learn more about his/her experience, and sometimes we try to understand ourselves, focusing on our feelings and vision. Depending on the optics we choose, our perception of the exhibition is formed, and everything boils down to interpretation.

09 лютого 2023 - 06 травня 2023

The "Protective Layer" project continues Kostiantyn's creative practice. Still, the changes in reality that are happening now have forced him to reconsider the meaning of previously created images and invented techniques.



The results of the art program "Artsvit for kids. Creativity unites"

For us, this is an actual result of a long and conscientious work with children in a difficult time for everyone. Art, communication, education - all these helped and still helps children cope with today's challenges. What kind of results are these? Art objects made by children from 6 to 13 years old, collective exhibition of young artists. We would like to share this with more people, so we invite everyone who wants to join the presentation of the project already this Saturday!

Buy art support Ukraine
31 березня 2022 - 30 вересня 2022
Buy Ukrainian art to help Ukraine defend its freedom and resist russia’s barbaric invasion. Artsvit gallery and DCCC has launched a charity sale of graphic artworks from a private collection of Artsvit gallery to support Ukraine. We created a website where you can view artworks of Ukrainian artists of the 20th century and purchase the ones you like the most. All raised funds are going to be used to support Ukrainian defenders in need of medical help or rehabilitation.
Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists third part
23 серпня 2022
Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists third part

We continue to talk about the masters of Ukrainian graphics, who have not yet been covered in a series of publications about the charity project.

Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists second part
16 серпня 2022
Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists second part

We invite you to explore a new selection of authors from our charity project selling Ukrainian graphics

Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists
10 серпня 2022
Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists

If you want to support Ukraine and get great samples of Ukrainian graphics, we advise you to pay attention to authors whose works are still available. Namely, among others, we advise you to visit the page and take a closer look at the artworks of the following authors.

Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Mykola Popov
03 серпня 2022
We continue the story about the authors presented as part of our charity sale of Ukrainian graphics. Today we will talk about Mykola Popov - a master of easel graphics and painting. In the graphic works of Mykola Popov, we can trace a respectful, sensitive attitude to the Ukrainian village, which goes hand in hand with love for parents, especially for mothers.
About Gallery

Opened in 2013, Artsvit Gallery has become one of the first contemporary art venues in the Dnipropetrovsk region and now transformed into an essential platform for ideas' cultivation and cultural exchange for Ukrainian art. In collaboration with artists, curators, researchers, and cultural organizations, the gallery represents current trends in art culture, arranging exhibitions, residencies, educational programs for children and adults, and publishing catalogs and art books.

While maintaining one of the largest collections of Ukrainian paintings, works on paper, and sculptures from the post World War II period, the gallery is focused on socio-critical art, supporting and promoting young artists, thus playing an essential role in establishing Ukrainian art in general. The gallery aims to maintain dialogue between the past and the present, the tradition and the experiment, while putting effort into keeping the contemporary art approachable for people of all ages.

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