I Dreamt of Beasts

We are happy to announce that the Artsvit Gallery is opening a new exhibition outside its own walls. "I Dreamt of Beasts" will be available at the Labirynt Gallery (Lublin, Poland) from November 25 to February 5, 2023. The exhibition was created from the thought of an enchanted forest, which was previously a place of walking, tranquillity and peace for us, and now it is full of threats: mined areas, places of rape, murder and shocking social tragedies...

The Working Room

The exhibition is the resulting work of a group of artists who remained working in Ukraine after the full-scale Russian invasion. The artists presenting at the exhibition have united around the improvised residence ‘The Working Room’ (‘Robocha Kimnata’) in the Institution ‘The Assortment Room' (‘Asortymentna Kimnata’) located in Ivano-Frankivsk. After February 24, all residence artists from the central and eastern regions of Ukraine relocated  to western cities, detached from their practice, archives, and contexts. After a few weeks of laboratory work at the residency, and despite minimal mental adaptation, the project spread to other cities in Western Ukraine and expanded to 17 artists. Remaining  in a common workspace in Ukraine, the artists collaborated for three months, opposing their human consternations to develop new methods of understanding the present reality.

Artsvit for kids. Creativity unites

We continue the art program for children from 6 to 13 years old. The new course, "Artsvit for kids. Creativity unites," has a social orientation. This program is one of the activities of the social hub, which has been operating based on the Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture (DCCC) since the beginning of the full-scale war. Events here contribute to strengthening communication between the city's various communities and the integration of displaced people, support Ukrainian artists, and provide a space for research and understanding of Ukrainian culture and identity.

Artsvit for kids. The art is inside me.
08 вересня 2022 - 15 січня 2023

We are launching a new educational program for teenagers from 13 to 15 - "Artsvit for kids. The art is inside me". Classes will be held every Thursday at 4:30 p.m. The start of the program is September 15. We invite you to join us! In a rapidly changing world, finding your place and the work you want to do is difficult. We believe art helps people better understand the world because it captures and responds to changes.

Buy art support Ukraine
31 березня 2022 - 30 вересня 2022
Buy Ukrainian art to help Ukraine defend its freedom and resist russia’s barbaric invasion. Artsvit gallery and DCCC has launched a charity sale of graphic artworks from a private collection of Artsvit gallery to support Ukraine. We created a website where you can view artworks of Ukrainian artists of the 20th century and purchase the ones you like the most. All raised funds are going to be used to support Ukrainian defenders in need of medical help or rehabilitation.
Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists third part
23 серпня 2022
Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists third part

We continue to talk about the masters of Ukrainian graphics, who have not yet been covered in a series of publications about the buyartsupportukraine.com charity project.

Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists second part
16 серпня 2022
Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists second part

We invite you to explore a new selection of authors from our charity project selling Ukrainian graphics buyartsupportukraine.com.

Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists
10 серпня 2022
Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists

If you want to support Ukraine and get great samples of Ukrainian graphics, we advise you to pay attention to authors whose works are still available. Namely, among others, we advise you to visit the buyartsupportukraine.com page and take a closer look at the artworks of the following authors.

Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Mykola Popov
03 серпня 2022
We continue the story about the authors presented as part of our charity sale of Ukrainian graphics. Today we will talk about Mykola Popov - a master of easel graphics and painting. In the graphic works of Mykola Popov, we can trace a respectful, sensitive attitude to the Ukrainian village, which goes hand in hand with love for parents, especially for mothers.
About Gallery

Opened in 2013, Artsvit Gallery has become one of the first contemporary art venues in the Dnipropetrovsk region and now transformed into an essential platform for ideas' cultivation and cultural exchange for Ukrainian art. In collaboration with artists, curators, researchers, and cultural organizations, the gallery represents current trends in art culture, arranging exhibitions, residencies, educational programs for children and adults, and publishing catalogs and art books.

While maintaining one of the largest collections of Ukrainian paintings, works on paper, and sculptures from the post World War II period, the gallery is focused on socio-critical art, supporting and promoting young artists, thus playing an essential role in establishing Ukrainian art in general. The gallery aims to maintain dialogue between the past and the present, the tradition and the experiment, while putting effort into keeping the contemporary art approachable for people of all ages.

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