The Artsvit gallery invites you to participate the discussion about the most provocative gallery's project – The PENETRATION by Nikita Shalenny.

On November 30 at 19.00 the Public Movement "For Gender Equality" director Olga Polyakova, the artist Nikita Shalenny and the art critic Elena Godenko-Nakonechna come together to discuss issues of the corporeality, the nudity in art, gender stereotypes and roles with gallery guests.

Nikita Shalenny was born in 1982 in Dnipro, where he keeps living and working. He graduated from the Pridneprovsky State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture and practiced architecture until 2008. Artist, graph, objects and installations author, Shalenny is a participant of many groups and personal exhibition projects in Ukraine and abroad. His works are kept in the museum and private collections in Denmark, Great Britain, Poland and Ukraine.

Elena Godenko-Nakonechna was born in 1954 in Minsk, now lives and works in Dnipro. Graduated from Kyiv Art Institute. Godenko is a member of the Ukrainian National Union of Artists. She taught art history at the Dnipro Children's Art School and the Dnipro Art School, where she was the director from 1992 to 1997. She currently teaches cultural studies at the Dnipro State University of Internal Affairs. Godenko is a co-founder of the Pan-Ukrainian Gallery in Dnipro and was an organizer of the Pan-Ukraine Biennale in 1992 and 1995. She has carried out a number of scientific studies concerning semiotics of culture, child creativity, problems of aesthetic education and national peculiarities of contemporary Ukrainian fine arts.

Olga Polyakova was born on March 24, 1988 in Dnipro. She is engaged in non-discriminatory practices and cultural communications. Founded Sociology and Culture Center "Publicity" – a platform for new knowledge and skills building with the involvement of responsible people (scientists, politicians and politicians, artists and artists, public figures and activists). Director of Public Movement "For The Gender Equality". Initiated the creation of free self-defense courses for women. Polyakova is also engaged in educational activities aimed at preventing and countering domestic and gender-based violence. Has a positive experience in combating sexism in advertising.

* The viewers are able to participate in the discussion and ask questions because we want to create a common circle and a comfortable space for discussion and opinion expression.



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