Recently, there has been a surge of attention to the issue of the feminine nouns creation and use in the Ukrainian language: someone approves the use of these nouns, others – categorically opposed. So where should we put the comma in the phrase "to use impossible to be ignored"? And what are the arguments in favor of each option?

Reference. Feminine nouns – names for the definition of women by professional (stewardess, waitress, actress) or royal title (duchess, princess, countess), etc.

For a long time, the activity of a woman throughout life was limited to private – family-home – sphere. Women could not get an education, work, and occupy high positions; therefore, for several centuries, the language system, including the Ukrainian one, created mostly masculine nouns for the man's activities names.

Today, the situation has changed, and a number of questions arise ­– how to "show" a woman in the language, why it is needed, does the Ukrainian language have feminine forms?

The meeting involves theoretical and practical parts. You are also able to share your arguments behind or against the use of feminine nouns, to master their creation and, if you wish, to join a large-scale linguistic study.

Olena Malakhova

Candidate of Philology, associate professor, last 10 years worked at the Department of Ukrainian Language in H. S.  Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University, in particular, taught the course "Gender Linguistics". EdCamp Ukraine Program Coordinator, GIAC KRONA expert and trainer, literary editor of the "I" Gender Journal.

Adviser on issues of gender equality and anti-discrimination in the education of the Minister of Education and Science L. Grynevych, anti-discrimination expertise of school textbooks coordinator.

The materials of the lecture were prepared in cooperation with Olena Synchak, Ph.D. in Philology, the assistant professor of the Department of Philology in the Ukrainian Catholic University.

The lecture will be held with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Ukraine as part  of the Sociology and Culture Center "Publicity" project.



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