Sergey Melnichenko's "Behind The Scenes" project about the nightclubs in China received the prestigious Leica Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award 2017 and was featured in the Paris Photo 2017. Also, well-known series by Sergey – "Shwarznegger is my idol" – about young bodybuilders from Nikolaev, was presented in Slovakia, Argentina, Poland and Ukraine during his personal exhibitions.

Sergey is going to tell the Artsvit gallery guests about his most famous series creation, participation in international exhibitions and promotion strategies for young artists.

"The photo language by Sergey Melnychenko in Ukrainian art is clear, fresh and direct," says Konstantin Doroshenko, a contemporary art critic and curator. "He does not follow meters and formed schools, but relies on the artist's personal look and the rhythm that corresponds to his generation. It looks like rap comparison with literary declarations, news reports and poetic sermons of the recent past."

Beginning at 19:00. Free entrance. 18+

* as the title – Sergey's work from the Behind The Scenes series, 2016.


Other News

15 червня 2022
Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Purchase of an ambulance
In the spring, together with Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture, we launched the Buy Art to Support Ukraine initiative — a charity sale of graphics by Ukrainian artists of the 20th century.
With the proceeds from the sale, we managed to buy an ambulance and bring it from Germany to Dnipro. Yesterday the car was delivered to the medics. Thank you to everyone who has joined the initiative. You have made an important contribution to the rescue of our military — most of the wounded are being transported to Dnipro from the front line, and medical workers need more and more equipment and cars.
20 квітня 2022
We are raising funds for our temporary hub
During the war, Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture has transformed into a social hub for internally displaced people. At DCCC we created a co-working, a library, a workshop, and a space for kids. Here we organize art workshops for adults and teens, premedical first aid training, animation screenings, and art classes for kids. At the same time, we are working on creating new services for those who suffered from the war. Also, the DCCC hosts offices of some humanitarian organizations, such as Martin Club and Vostok SOS.