The exhibition I would like to see

19 травня 2023 - 10 червня 2023

What did the author want to say? What do I see in this image? Two questions with which acquaintance with the exposition begins. Sometimes we try to understand the artist and learn more about his/her experience, and sometimes we try to understand ourselves, focusing on our feelings and vision. Depending on the optics we choose, our perception of the exhibition is formed, and everything boils down to interpretation.

Since ancient times, art has had a cathartic function, among others. It was believed that it cleanses a person, affects the inner harmony of the individual, and contributes to the preservation and restoration of mental balance. Remember, when we are tired of reality, we want something else. We need to change our point of view, which is what art offers. People turn to this practice in the most challenging times, and it increasingly performs a healing function.

There is a very acute need for art and a space to immerse yourself in your thoughts and feelings. That is why we decided to focus on what each of us needs right now. We suggest you take the author's position, imagine and record your images and experiences. By giving the floor to visitors, we form a collective expression that we will eventually be able to visualize, thanks to artificial intelligence.

So, imagine the exhibition you want to see.

Author of the project: Oleksandra Shovkun
Coordinators: Iryna Polikarchuk, Stanislav Pyvonos
Design: Alla Sorochan