16 вересня 2015 - 23 жовтня 2015

On September 16, the ArtSvit Gallery opens a new exhibition season. We invite you to Dnipro. The Transformation opening. Curators: Lyolya Goldstein and Maria Khrushchak. The entrance is free, beginning at 19:00.

Dnipro. The Transformation is about the city, its cluster of architecture and engineering facilities, a great history and destinies of people, a set of facts and lots of artifacts that provide us with knowledge about ourselves. Over the past two years, Dnipro has changed significantly, mainly because of its inhabitants’ changes. For a modern person, who finds the flow of time too rapid, the city, as a social mechanism may sometimes be neither comfortable nor understandable, and city structure cannot be explained or defined. Dnipro. The Transformation is not focused on explaining or answering questions. But it tells about how any person feels in a given place and time, in a particular city, among neighbors and friends, in a series of closely-connected houses, however, where the need for the personal acquaintance is often excluded.

The project involves several media (painting, graphics, installation, objects, photography, video art) and artists from different cities and countries, born in Dnipro and connected with the city in the most surprising way or not at all.

Participants: artists Apl315, Mariya Kulikovskaya, Aleksey Sai, Sergey Chikurov, Sergey Morin, sculptor Nazar Bilyk, photographer Marina Frolova, young artists Katya Libkind, Olga Gaydash, Maya Kolesnik, Yuliya Krivich, Alexander Bychenko, designers Ivan and Vasily Kostenko (design studio BRATY), as well as the world star of the first series Ilya Kabakov. In addition, the exhibition will feature Soviet graphics from the collection of the ARTSVIT gallery.

Dnipro. The Transformation is a try to tell about the way previous generations have seen our city and how contemporaries feel here at present, to see the city today and tomorrow, to identify the vectors of its movement into the future and to become an instrument for transforming the city.