Artsvit for kids. The art is inside me.

08 вересня 2022 - 15 січня 2023

Press Release

We are launching a new educational program for teenagers from 13 to 15 - "Artsvit for kids. The art is inside me".

Classes will be held every Thursday at 4:30 p.m. The start of the program is September 15. We invite you to join us!

In a rapidly changing world, finding your place and the work you want to do is difficult. We believe art helps people better understand the world because it captures and responds to changes. The number of creative professions is growing yearly, and art is gradually penetrating almost all spheres. After all, it forms the non-standard view of the problem necessary in the modern world. Even today, during the war, artists make sense of the events in their work and convert their feelings and new experiences into artistic projects.

The program will allow teenagers to learn more about modern art and how it responds to the present. In the classes, we will analyze how the system of art is built and what the institutions and professions related to it are, and we will learn how to realize our creative skills.

We are creating a discussion and research club to communicate with children aged 13-15 regarding their further development and realization of creative skills. Our goal is to help teenagers find their place in the creative world and the work they would like to do.

Authors and teachers of the program: Alevtyna Kovtun and Alona Samofalova.

Pay attention! To participate, you need to register for each class. Every week we will publish a new registration form for the next class; stay tuned.

Registration for the first class 15.09 Introduction to the course "Artsvit for kids. The art is inside me”. Creating a "self logo" -

The program consists of 8 lessons:

1) 15.09 Introduction to the course "Artsvit for kids. The art is inside me". Creating a "self logo".

2) 22.09 How does modern art react to the present? Creation of the installation "How I feel the war".

3) 29.09 Lecture "Modern art and institutions".

4) 6.10 Lecture "Implementation in the field of art".

5) 13.10 Career consultations. What software skills need to be developed today?

6) 20.10 Meeting with a Ukrainian artist.

7) 27.10 Files of great artists. Creating an abstract collective picture.

8.) 3.11 Lecture "Belief in yourself as the key to success."

In the first academic semester, two sets of children are planned. The second recruitment will begin in early November.

The classes are held at 21a Krutohirnyi descent, Artsvit Gallery.

The program is implemented with the support of Switzerland under the initiative of the Mental Health for Ukraine project.