NonStopMedia IX

NonStopMedia IX

Kharkiv Municipal Gallery announces contest for the 9th NonStopMedia Festival of Youth Projects.

Dates for the festival: August 26 - September 9, 2018.

The main task of NonStopMedia-IX is to assist young artists in their creative activities in contemporary art. The competition gives priority to project thinking, professionalism in the implementation of ideas, innovations and overcoming taboos (artistic, social, etc.). The author must demonstrate the ability to implement projects with a clear concept and internal logic.

The competition accepts artistic projects in any technique and on any subject. Organizers of the festival have only age restrictions for authors - up to 30 years.

Members of the jury (Tatyana Tumasyan / Kharkiv, Ukraine - curator, director of the Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, founder of the NonStopMedia festival; Sergey Bratkov / Kharkiv-Moscow - artist, photographer, curator, participant of the Venice Biennale; Eva Zazhitskaya / Wroclaw, Poland - artist-performer, teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, curator; Roman Minin / Kharkiv, Ukraine - artist, winner of international art forums, laureate of NonStopMedia) will select 10 projects to be presented at various art institutions of Kharkiv.

As a prize laureates will be offered a solo exhibition in 2019 in one of the prestigious galleries of Ukraine, which, of course, will have a positive effect on their career.


The application form must be filled out in google-form, illustrative material - placed on a third-party resource and copied links placed in the relevant question.
Organizers reserve the right not to accept projects that have already taken part in other festivals, or which do not match the format of the festival. Projects are not considered for consideration, if they are not complete (completed application form and illustrative material to the project). Preference will be given to already-made projects.

All materials are accepted until June 25, 2018

The results of the competition will be announced by July 25, 2018



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