Graphics of Heorhii Yakutovych

Graphics of Heorhii Yakutovych

Today we will tell you about one of the authors presented at our charity sale of Ukrainian graphics - Heorhii Yakutovych - a well-known master of book and easel graphics.
Yakutovych's graphics bring us back to ethnic Ukrainian folk motifs. Thanks to the sophisticated printmaking technique, the artist creates a new mystical world that fascinates and invites you to immerse yourself. The artist was interested in folklore, researched the traditions and customs of different areas, and had a sincere love for the Carpathian mountains, among which he found the background for his works.
Yakutovych's contribution to Ukrainian cinema was also significant, which began with an invitation to the film set by director Serhiy Paradzhanov. This is how the director himself spoke about the artist:

"He is not just an artist, but an artist who thinks. We could probably find someone more talented than him, but not more thoughtful. He brought us to the Carpathians as a guide. They are familiar to him. He saved us from the peasantry, from falsehood."

We are lucky to have the works of Heorhii Yakutovych in the private collection of the Artsvit Gallery. We took some of them up for charity sale, so you have the opportunity to buy incredible stories created by a master.

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