Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists

Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists

If you want to support Ukraine and get great samples of Ukrainian graphics, we advise you to pay attention to authors whose works are still available. Namely, among others, we advise you to visit the page and take a closer look at the artworks of the following authors.

Ihor Stakhanov is a Ukrainian graphic artist and teacher born in Kharkiv. On our website, you can buy his works "Motherland" and "Metallurgists of Azovstal." Although both works were created in entirely different times, they have now acquired new meanings, making them more relevant.

Petro Sytnyk is a Ukrainian graphic artist from Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk region. In graphics, he tries to reproduce the industrial motifs of Kryvorizhzhia area, the streets of Ukrainian towns, and rural landscapes. Two of his works are currently available for purchase on our website.

Nadiia Lopukhova is a Ukrainian artist, born in Zhytomyr region. She was engaged in book illustration, easel graphics, and painting. Here you can find her images for folk songs and novels by Ukrainian writers Panas Myrnyi and Ivan Bilyk.

We invite you to travel through the world of Ukrainian graphics on our website -

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23 серпня 2022
Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists third part

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16 серпня 2022
Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists second part

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