We continue the story about the authors presented as part of our charity sale of Ukrainian graphics. Today we will talk about Mykola Popov - a master of easel graphics and painting.
In the graphic works of Mykola Popov, we can trace a respectful, sensitive attitude to the Ukrainian village, which goes hand in hand with love for parents, especially for mothers.

Often in Popov's works, you can see a lone female figure or figures of a mother and child. The harmonious images of the Ukrainian village contrast with the destruction and suffering the enemy brought to his homeland during the Second World War. Because of this, his graphics resonate especially strongly nowadays because the Russian enemy has come to Ukraine and is destroying, among everything, the quiet, hardworking village from which the author himself comes.

Currently, some bright works by Mykola Popov are available for purchase on the website. You can get great Ukrainian graphics and, at the same time, support Ukraine now by purchasing one of the available works on the website.

Other News

02 серпня 2022
Open call for women artists for
We are very happy to announce Open call for women artists from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia for – platform for female artists from Central and Eastern Europe. The open call is organised for young, emerging, and early career female artists to present their voices and perspective. Selected candidates will be invited to write an artist’s statement in cooperation with the project curators. The result of this work will be published on the Secondary Archive website. Who can participate? Female artists of all visual arts disciplines from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia or V4 countries, who were born after December 31, 1987.
23 липня 2022
Opening of Manifesta 14, Secondary Archive

Over 160 female artists from Albania, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine are participating in the Secondary Archive project at 14th Manifesta Biennial. is a unique online archive that presents statements of three generations of female artists from Central and Eastern Europe. Manifesta 14, which this year takes place in the capital of Kosovo – Prishtina, is an opportunity for the platform to go beyond its current virtual framework. The archive will resonate in the space of Galeria Kombëtare e Kosovës / The National Gallery of Kosovo as a sound-based piece composed of the voices of over 160 female artists.