Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists third part

Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists third part

We continue to talk about the masters of Ukrainian graphics, who have not yet been covered in a series of publications about the charity project.

Nina Bozhko is an artist who managed to try herself in many different artistic practices. She started as a poster artist but did not stop and went further - into an easel and book graphics, portraits, landscape, and still life. In our collection, you can find a sample of her fantastic work as an illustrator of children's books.

Yevhen Lunov is an artist whose main creative direction is political and social satire. However, among the posters on hot topics, you can also find masterful graphics depicting the Ukrainian village and its everyday life.

There should be the name of the third author of our selection today, but we do not know him or her. The only thing that somehow indicates the authorship of this beautiful work, on which Taras Shevchenko is depicted, is the signature "Зх".

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16 серпня 2022
Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists second part

We invite you to explore a new selection of authors from our charity project selling Ukrainian graphics

10 серпня 2022
Buy Art to Support Ukraine. Artists

If you want to support Ukraine and get great samples of Ukrainian graphics, we advise you to pay attention to authors whose works are still available. Namely, among others, we advise you to visit the page and take a closer look at the artworks of the following authors.