The results of the art program "Artsvit for kids. Creativity unites"

On January 21, at 3:00 p.m., the exhibition based on the results of the art program "Artsvit for kids. Creativity unites" will be opened. 

For us, this is an actual result of a long and conscientious work with children in a difficult time for everyone. Art, communication, education - all these helped and still helps children cope with today's challenges. What kind of results are these? Art objects made by children from 6 to 13 years old, collective exhibition of young artists. We would like to share this with more people, so we invite everyone who wants to join the presentation of the project already this Saturday!

Next is a short story about the "Artsvit for kids" program and how it took place last year.

"Every year, we become increasingly closed and removed from communication - the development of social networks and gadgets, covid and quarantine and, eventually, war and blackouts.

Children feel all this even more strongly than adults, sometimes leading to isolation and a lack of communication skills. We offered children to learn through group projects as part of the art education program. Working in a team allowed them to explore problematic issues more deeply, listen to each other, and work as a cohesive organism. After such classes, team spirit, responsibility, and a sense of belonging to society are formed. It also helped everyone discover and strengthen their identity in the team. The form of our project is a "model of society," where the contribution of each one is essential and affects the final result and product - in our case - an art object. The first block in the program was a self-portrait - a study of "Who am I?" This is the "point of reference" of society - the individual. As a citizen, the reference point of the state.

The second block was an installation-study of the topic "Human and his/her influence on society and vice versa." The children discussed how each of us affects society and how the environment affects us. And the third, final block, is a performance, a theater of shadows, where we made photo-video documentation of bodily practices. The result of the project is an exhibition, in the formation of which the children themselves took part" - Olena Samofalova and Alevtyna Kovtun

Authors and teachers of the program: Alevtyna Kovtun and Olena Samofalova


Zarina Molchanova, 8 years old

Tymofii Balabantsev, 9 years old

Ania Kovalenko, 6 years old

Oleksandra Masiuk, 8 years old

Anastasiia Bogomaz, 8 years old

Oleksandr Lymar, 9 years old

Yaromyr Karapanzha, 8 years old

Viacheslav Petrenko, 8 years old

Lev Trubokhin, 9 years old

Mykhailo Trubokhin, 7 years old

Markiyan Butenko, 7 years old

Alisa Sotnyk, 13 years old

Kristina Muliar, 10 years old

Anna Shcherbyna, 12 years old

Kateryna Matiushyna, 10 years old

Sofiia Ivanenko, 13 years old

Mira Dmitrieva, 10 years old

Anastasiia Pashchenko, 13 years old

Nadiia Shestakova, 10 years old

Oleksandra Fedorova, 13 years old

Adelina Herasymchuk, 11 years old

This program is one of the activities of the social hub, which has been operating based on the Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture since the beginning of the full-scale war. Events that are held here contribute to the strengthening of communication between the various communities of the city and the integration of forced migrants, support Ukrainian artists, and also provide a space for research and understanding of Ukrainian culture and identity.