On February 9, at 6:00 p.m., the opening of the exhibition "Protective Layer" by Kostyantyn Zorkin will take place in the Artsvit gallery.

On February 10 at 6:00 p.m. there will be a talk with the artist and Natalia Ivanova, director of the YermilovCentre - Kharkiv contemporary art center.

Free entrance.

The "Protective Layer" project continues Kostiantyn's creative practice. Still, the changes in reality that are happening now have forced him to reconsider the meaning of previously created images and invented techniques.

The artistic world he has been creating in recent years from wood was unexpectedly supplemented with metal. “Metal has always been an aggressive material, unlike wood. Working with it is always accompanied by danger: welding, burns, sparks, fire, rust, and injuries - the potential for injury is inherent in metal because it is harder than the human body. In the presented project, the traumatizing and traumatized metal embodies the feelings of wartime, the constant ratio of protection and defenselessness. 

My art and this project cannot be documentary evidence of the tragedy in the literal sense, but art rarely tells and describes events directly. Art must capture the mental and physical tension that unites us all in the fight against the enemy and maintains faith. My artistic language has always contained the theme of victory over death, but only now is this theme no longer abstract”, - Kostiantyn ZORKIN.