November 12, 2020 - November 21, 2020

The photo exhibition "Play Petanque with us" by journalist and writer Eva Raiska (Marianna Maksymova) represents Marcel in the most intimate reflections and dimensions. The author tries to explore the city in another more real way using her optics excluding stereotypes and markers. She is eager to feel its urban impulses and crystallize the most important view out of them. People create the city, fill it with themselves, become involved in its energy, and organically intertwine with its rhythm. The city becomes home to everyone who comes here, migrants and displaced people, citizens and visitors, travelers and wanderers and probably even those who appeared here by chance as it is a home, where everyone tries to find their own cozy nook.

Eva Raiska (real name Marianna Maksymova) is a journalist, reporter, writer and traveler. The series of photographs to be presented at the exhibition was created during the international residency for Eastern European artists "FAI-AR Formation supérieure d'art en espace public" (France, Marseille) of the project "I-portunus" (performance, documentary, theater).