09 вересня 2021 - 23 жовтня 2021

Aliona Solomadina's personal exhibition "One Alphabet and Project Compositions" is a sequel to her long-term project "City of Forms" in which she studies the city and discovers its potential to create new graphic systems and meanings, taking into account the ambiguity which is laid in the basis of the city and its individual architectural structures. In “ City of Forms” Aliona follows the principle of finding a key element that has the potential to create a broader polysemantic structure.

The artist has chosen the Summer Theater on Water in Lazar Hloba Park as the object of the research for her exhibition. While analyzing the modernist building Aliona singled out the building and its reflection in the water  as a key graphic element, which she adapted to the graphic sign. The resulting ellipse becomes the basis for the creation of new graphic signs and structures. The connection with architecture is essential in this exhibition. In fact, the piece of art loses its primary form and its appearance together with the collapsing building and at the same time becomes the basis for the production of new forms and meanings. Thanks to them, the building acquires new meanings and continues to exist in a transformed look.