The motif of naked female nature is one of the leading ones in the artist's work. In contrast to the engraving, which requires discipline, in drawings and large paintings (triptych as a continuation of serial variations of the previous time) the author demonstrates unbridled energy, emancipation of language, primitivization of forms, effects of tense line or free and naughty brushstroke. The artist excites the viewer's imagination, brings anxiety and contrast. Moreover, black, white and red are dominant colors in each of the three paintings, which are perceived symbolically as the colors of the trinity of the universe.

"Naked" Aliyev-Kovyky is a personal interpretation in numerous variations (loud monumental and intimate and chamber) of the classical female theme, it is a "text" without any beginning or end, which contains reflections on the eternal and the response of nowadays"

Olena Hodenko-Nakonechna