February 6, 2020 - March 7, 2020
Oleh Holosiy had lived only 27 years and had created more than 300 paintings. The artist impressed contemporaries with hyper-productivity and speed of work. The influence of the participant of the famous squat "Paris Commune" on further painting in Ukraine is difficult to overestimate. The exhibition HOLOSIY IN DNIPRО presents program paintings, as well as diaries, sketches and personal photos from the family collection. The works, selected by curators Maria Lanko and Yelyzaveta Herman, refer to the key periods and methods of Holosiy's work and give a comprehensive picture of complex artistic practice based on stunning images and radical painting techniques of that time. The archival part of the exposition will tell about the years of studying, formation and development of his artistic method, influences and interests, private life, connection with colleagues and contemporaries.