May 22, 2020 - June 26, 2020

Everything is fine is about fillings. Feelings of joy and sorrow at the same time are about selfishness and devotion, and love and its unbearable as well. All of these are about the art of Ukraine and my place in it, as well as about the offerings and sacrifices I make for it with my reverence and hatred.

This is contradictory feeling that can be called Everything is fine by analogy with the phrase that each of us throws in response to frequently asked questions How are you? How do you do? And we respond, not wanting to tell the truth - either because we are tired, or because we do not want to stress the audience with complex details of the art world, or afraid to hear ourselves and continue to rejoice in the head of the importance of projects for ourselves and world of Ukrainian art. And what is about the world? How does it feel? So, everything is fine.