15 травня 2015 - 17 червня 2015

The Artsvit Gallery presents a unique and still little known, even in the Ukrainian art community, phenomenon, that was formed in Dnipro in the late 1970s - early 1980s. It was associated with the photo club "Dnipro" founded by Marlene Matus (1939 - 2014), and its so-called Youth Department. The department was implemented with the initiative of Alexander Feldman, a photographer and photo art theorist. It became a powerful center of photographic production beyond the "proletarian" stereotypes, absorbing the tradition of Soviet informal reporting and pictorialism, which was widely spread in the 1900s –1910s in Ukraine.

Project curators Lyolya Goldstein and Maria Khrushchak present more than 150 photos made by the participants of the Dnipropetrovsk School of Photography (DSF) Youth Department and photographers, interested in the studio and its experiments: Alexander Feldman, Yuri Brodskiy, Mark Milov, Stanislav Polonsky (1948-2002) and Semen Prosyak. The main task is to expand the knowledge of Ukrainian photography from the late 1970s to early 1990s and return the names, lost after the dissolution of the USSR, to the actual Ukrainian artistic discourse.

The exhibition features artworks created by a little-known in Ukraine master of photography Stanislav Polonsky (1948 – 2002), who was filming for only about ten years, but during this time his works were successfully shown in Lithuania, France, Spain, Italy, Japan. Also, the project presents artworks made by Semen Prosyak, the representative of Dnipro old-school photographers, and included to the triumphal series "Sedniv", which had great success with exhibitions in Ukraine, Russia and Lithuania. Photos made by Alexander Feldman, Mark Milov and Yuri Brodskiy (continuing to take a photo in Germany) reveal a period of incredible creative burst of photography in an industrial city without any special sociocultural conditions for the photographic school appearance. The ArtSvit gallery project displays a photography, that in search of the new methods and directions escaped from the amateur circle into the international art space – transavantgarde.

At the institutional level, the concept "Dnipropetrovsk school" was introduced in the cultural and artistic context by the international photo projects curator Yevgeny Berezner. He included works created by Dnipropetrovsk photographers in his large-scale project "150 Years of Photography" exhibition (1989, Manege, Moscow). Following, in 1998, at the Moscow Soros Center for Contemporary Art, he also showed the project "Dnipropetrovsk School of Photography. Twenty years later", where he presented works by Semen Prosyak, Aleksander Feldman, Marlen Matus, Mark Rozov, Vita Buivid, Mark Milov and Yuri Brodskiy.