January 17, 2019 - March 2, 2019
In a person's life, the question about their place in the world and their imprint in the collective memory arises in a person's life sometimes at least. The pursuit of wealth and fame has leaded and continues to lead the actions of many people, and the more space they occupy, the less remains of others that create inequality and tightness.
The planet becomes too small for the great human Ego, which either tries for installing a monument, or at least for being on the board of honor of the best month workers. And behind this bright facade there are hidden an abyss of invisible labor, exploitation, burnout and depletion of resources, both human and natural.
Therefore, a person travels beyond the Earth searching of more space, new resources and the realization of their galactic ambitions. But the place on Earth, where everyone really finds themselves, regardless of achievements, goals and aspirations, is two for a half meters in the cemetery with a monument and ever-bright plastic flowers.