27 листопада 2015 - 09 лютого 2016

The ArtSvit Gallery presents its own collection of Ukrainian graphics dated the late 1950s - 1980s. The purpose of the project is to reveal the concept of the "collection's" phenomenon.

The project demonstrates an encyclopedic approach to understanding the collection as a cultural phenomenon. The entire gallery space is built around this complex dynamic system. Collection's existence outside of historical or other contexts lets to feel and demonstrate a more subtle, psycho-emotional and even genetic connection between modernity and Soviet sentiment. Another object of the research is the collector's phenomenon and the matrix of his outlook.

The project involves about 200 works of the late 1950s-1980s made by prominent Ukrainian artists: Nadiya Lopukhova (Kyiv), Vasyl Mironenko (Kharkiv), Mykola Rodzin (Dnipro, Kharkiv), Volodymyr Kutkin (Kyiv), Mykola Popov (Kyiv), Georgiy Yakutovich (Kyiv) and others.

The main purposes set by the ArtSvit gallery are the formation of new approaches to the exhibition, demonstration and understanding of graphics techniques. These ideas may be implemented through the exposition's representation as a repository imitation and use of the encyclopedic approach to systematize the knowledge about collectability and the art of graphics.

Understanding the collection as a totally dynamic phenomenon will be achieved through the exposure change every day at 15:00. Since it is built in such a way that it is impossible to comprehend the whole collection at once, the transformation of the repository, like a constructor, will create the new forms, images and connections.

The Collection project allows the viewer to determine the complexity and versatility of the collection process and to form a new understanding of the graphics code that constantly changes own context. Graphics as an art direction are concise and complex at the same time. The ability to track not only the spatial-temporal plane in the lines but also the complex socio-cultural vectors is the key to understanding the exposure.

The project will feature a lecture by Konstantin Doroshenko, a historian, art critic and host of "The Cult of Doroshenko" at Radio Vesti. The lecture will be dedicated to Ukrainian collectors and their collections.