March 15, 2019 - May 4, 2019
The author talks about himself. Nazar Bilyk's fleeting self-portrait sketch while traveling through mystical Cappadocia reflected and transformed it into a sculptural form similar to Rorschach's monumental spots. Those spots that show human fears and doubts. Each of us will "read" them differently, see exactly what defines his personality.
In this way the author passes on to us.

The space formed by Nazar Bilyk is a monotype of reality, its "other" side. "I work with material as the basis of reality, and I try to study the intangible with its help," says the author. Not only the creation of the object is the task of the sculptor, but also the study of the space around him, the discovery of a counter-form in the object, without which it does not exist independently.